What is NATHPO?

National Association of Tribal Historic Preservation Officers

Founded in 1998, the Association is a national non-profit membership organization of Tribal government officials who implement federal and tribal preservation laws. NATHPO’s overarching purpose is to support the preservation, maintenance and revitalization of the culture and traditions of Native peoples of the United States. This is accomplished most importantly through the support of Tribal Historic Preservation Programs as acknowledged by the National Park Service.

Tribal Historic Preservation Officers (THPOs) have the responsibilities of State Historic Preservation Officers on tribal lands and advise and work with federal agencies on the management of tribal historic properties. THPOs also preserve and rejuvenate the unique cultural traditions and practices of their tribal communities.

NATHPO activities include monitoring the U.S. Congress, Administration, and state activities on issues that affect all Tribes and monitoring the effectiveness of federally mandated compliance reviews and identification, evaluation, and management of tribal historic properties. Examples of completed and ongoing projects: “Tribal Tourism Toolkit for the Lewis and Clark Bicentennial and Other Tribal Opportunities (2002),” and “Many Nations Media Project – News from the Lewis & Clark Trail (2002-5),” and “Treaty Research Project for Continental U.S. (2001).” NATHPO also offers training and technical assistance on federal historic preservation laws.

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