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ph-supportRegular membership is restricted to Tribal Historic Preservation Officers (THPOs) who are employed by an Indian tribe that has been officially recognized by the National Park Service (NPS). Annual dues for full, Regular Members are related to the amount of the annual apportionment grant from the NPS to each respective THPO program.

Associate Membership is open to tribal governments (and their institutions) that are: (a) seeking or considering seeking NPS approval to operate a THPO program; or (b) actively support NATHPO’s goals and missions. Associate Membership Dues are $250 a year.

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For more information contact:
D. Bambi Kraus, NATHPO President, Washington, DC National Office

Mailing Address – NATHPO, PO Box 19189, Washington, DC, 20036-9189

Telephone – 202.628.THPO (202-628-8476)




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