NATHPO Working with U.S. Navy and Defense Department on Sacred Sites Project

(Washington, D.C.) – Nov. 25, 2014 – The National Association of Tribal Historic Preservation Officers (NATHPO) recently entered into an agreement with the U.S. Navy, through the Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC), to collaborate on a project to protect Native American sacred sites within the context of the military readiness mission across the Department of Defense (DoD). A compendium of case studies related to American Indian, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian sacred sites will be the main objective of this project.

Read the joint letter from NATHPO, the U.S. Navy and the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation.

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This form has been developed for your ease of use in listing basic information. Please complete one form for each case study example to be submitted. Additional sheets and related written information (reports, for example) may also be attached, if you feel that it is helpful. If you would rather respond in a letter that contains the information requested, please send to Richard Meyers at contact information listed below. For more information about the project, please see the Cover Letter (also referenced above).


Note: “Tribe” includes Indian tribe, Alaska Native corporation, and Native Hawaiian organization

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Robert Cast
DoD Sacred Site Case Study Project
mobile (405) 413-6743

Thank you for your participation in this project.

Information supplied remains the property of NATHPO and U.S. Navy Department of Defense Sacred Site Case Study Project and will be summarized into a final report. No specific information will be included without prior approval.