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Yes, count me in! I would like to send a contribution to help NATHPO assist Tribal governments preserve, protect, and restore their unique cultural traditions and important historic sites.

Founded in 1998, the National Association of Tribal historic Preservation Officers (NATHPO) is the only national, non-profit association of Tribal government officials who work in their respective local tribal communities preserving, maintaining and revitalizing their cultures and traditions.

NATHPO activities include monitoring the U.S. Congress, Administration, and state activities on issues that affect all Tribes, providing technical assistance, conducting research, encouraging and assisting in the preservation of historic and cultural properties important to Native people, and providing a forum for discussion and dissemination of ideas for more effective cultural heritage preservation programs for Tribal governments.

NATHPO is a non-profit organization that relies entirely on our membership dues and annual meeting proceeds to fund educational and outreach activities.  Our work depends upon the generosity of donors like you.  By clicking on the PayPal link, donating is now easier and more secure than ever.

Please make a donation today or mail a contribution to:
PO Box 19189
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