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Law Enforcement

Current Issues

Click here for FAQ's on Obtaining Eagles and Eagle Feathers from the National Eagle Repository

Click here for Press Release: NATHPO Supports Interior Department's Efforts To Stop Illegal Looting And Trafficking Of Native American Sites And Objects

If you suspect looting or trafficking in your local community, call your local tribal police and/or call 1-800-637-9152 to connect to the Interior Department's law enforcement hotline that is headed up by the Bureau of Land Management (also includes information and dispatch for lands now managed by the National Park Service, Fish & Wildlife, and Bureau of Indian Affairs).

Basic Law Enforcement Information

How to Respond to Looting and Damage to Archaeological Sites

Looted and Damaged Archaeological Sites Checklist

Trafficking Sacred or Ceremonial Objects - General Information

How Do I Report A Crime on eBay

State and Tribal Laws and Regulations

In response to increasing concerns over the looting of cultural resources, including sites containing human remains and funerary objects, many states and tribes have enacted legislation and codes to protect burial sites.  These laws and codes often require special treatment of burial sites and objects and many have penalties for failure to comply.  This project is a compilation of existing state and tribal cultural resource laws and codes and we encourage your time to review, comment, and suggest additional information and web links.

Click here to view state laws and regulations


Cultural Preservation Along the Lewis and Clark Trail

For millennia, tribal nations have lived and prospered along what is now the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail. So there are thousands of tribal cultural resource areas, burial grounds and sacred sites along the trail. These sacred places are connections to our history, messages from our ancestors, treasures for our future and the cradle of our existence. The flesh, blood and bones of our ancestors are holy. Our archaeological sites, sacred sites and objects, and burial sites are monuments, and like monuments of other great nations, they deserve respect.

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Click the links below to view sample tribal laws and regulations:


Department of Justice

  • Office of Tribal Justice
    The Office of Tribal Justice serves as a coordination center for all Department of Justice activities relating to Native Americans. The web site contains information about the Office of Tribal Justice and links to other Native American Resources.

  • American Indian & Alaska Native Affairs
    The American Indian and Alaska Native Affairs Desk has been established to provide access to information regarding funding opportunities, training and technical assistance, and other information relevant to American Indian and Alaska Native tribes.


Federal Bureau of Investigation Art Theft Program

Art and cultural property crime - which includes theft, fraud, looting, and trafficking across state and international lines -- is a looming criminal enterprise with estimated losses running as high as $6 billion annually. To recover these precious pieces--and to bring these criminals to justice--the FBI uses a dedicated Art Crime Team of 12 Special Agents to investigate, supported by three Special Trial Attorneys for prosecutions...and it mans the National Stolen Art File, a computerized index of reported stolen art and cultural properties for the use of law enforcement agencies across the world.