Native American skulls repatriated to California from England (05/20/12)
Dispute erupts over ancient human remains found at UCSD (04/24/12)
Tribes Sue University for Human Remains (04/17/12)
Ancient American Skeletons Safe...But Only for the Moment (03/01/12)
For 9/11 Museum, Dispute Over Victims’ Remains (04/01/11)
Salazar Names Barker, Farm to NAGPRA Committee (05/06/2011)
Man accused of threatening to beat informant in (07/14/09)
Tribes' NAGPRA complaint against UMass moves forward (06/24/09)
Federal Agents Bust Ring of Antiquity Thieves Looting ... (6/10/09)
23 People Are Arrested or Sought in the Looting of Indian Artifacts (6/11/09)
Looters move artifacts and destroy their value (6/11/09)
Artifact thefts targeted by federal officials (6/10/09)
24 charged in crackdown on Native American artifact looting (6/11/09)
Feds not complying with act passed 18 years ago (11/28/08)
Arizona's Broken Arrow (11/08)
Tribes say NAGPRA grant money could be better spent (10/31/08)
Indiana Jones, Meth Addict (10/12/08)
Treasure Hunter (10/11/08)
Indian Affairs Leaders Support NAGPRA Review (09/28/08)
Lower Elwha tribe reburying 300 ancestors at village site...(09/16/08)
NAGPRA officials defend program management (08/22/08)
Man Hands Over Skeleton After 20 Years (07/16/08)
State experts not invited: Feds refuse to share data... (07/12/08)
Chiefs resolve to bring all ancestors home (07/11/08)
Antiquities, the World Is Your Homeland (05/27/08)
Plunder Goes on Tour (02/23/08)
The Lost Treasure of Machu Picchu (02/23/08)
Huge Lawsuit Could Change Handling of the Dead (1/28/08)
Ancient bones found at UCSD (01/27/08)
Return of Shaman's Mask Magical to King Islanders (01/17/08)
After Years Lost, Identity Reclaimed (09/20/07)
Sale of Rare Indian Artifacts (09/17/07)
Yale Officials Agree to Return Peruvian Artifacts (09/17/07)
Archaeologists uncover 500 graves downtown (06/11/07)
1853 Indian Deaths May Be Executions By Mormon Settlers (06/08/07)
American Indian Remains to be Re-Buried (05/30/07)
New rule may help Native American tribes reclaim artifacts (04/12/07)
Governor Bill Richardson Signs Reburial Grounds Act (04/04/07)
Museums/Agencies Face October NAGPRA Deadline (03/30/07)
Two Members Appointed to NAGPRAReview Committee (03/12/07)
Cave Relics Thief Dies Month Before Prison Date (03/06/07)
1-Year Prison Term For Man Who Stole From Burial Cave (02/02/07)
Many on Easter Island Prefer to Leave Stones Unturned (01/09/07)
DNA Gatherers Hit Snag: Tribes Don’t Trust Them (12/10/06)
Morongo Tribe Announces Intent to Prosecute Cultural Thefts (11/27/06)
Arizona Apaches Win Ruling over Field Museum...(11/17/06)
Cultural pillagers leave trail of ruin (11/01/06)
Skeletons found in Nephi may reveal details of 1853 massacre (09/15/06)
DNA Ties Together Scattered Peoples (09/11/06)
NAGPRA Review Committee: Nomination Solicitation (08/17/06)
Lower Elwha get land to rebury their ancestors (08/15/06)
Museums Establish Guidelines for Treatment of Sacred Objects (08/10/06)
Proposed bill would allow for ... remains to be studied (08/10/06)
Museums’ Research on Looting Seen to Lag (07/25/06)
Cemetery Vandal Sentenced (06/21/06)
Getty Is Prepared to Return 21 Disputed Antiquities to Italy (06/20/06)
Archaeologists, Courts Debate Artifacts' Value (06/18/06)
Yale Alums Snatched Geronimo's Skull, Letter Says (05/09/06)
Dig Through Archives Reopens the Issue Of Geronimo's Skull (05/08/06)
Whose Skull and Bones? (05/06/2006)
The Case of the Stolen Statues: Solving a Kenyan Mystery (04/16/06)
Unearthed War Relics See Battle Again (04/16/06)
Artifacts Trafficker Pleads Guilty (03/25/06)
Request for Public Comments on ACHP's Draft...(3/14/06)
Museum Collections Shrink As Tribes Reclaim Artifacts (03/09/06)
Museums Assert Right on Showing Antiquities (02/25/06)
Two Unidentified Victims Buried (02/03/06)
NAGPRA Review Committee Nomination Solicitation (02/01/06)
Inca Show Pits Yale Against Peru (02/01/06)
Tribe claims rights to ancient bones (01/23/06)
Hawaiian Is Jailed for Hiding Artifacts (12/28/05)
NAGPRA Grants (12/12/05)
Peru Wants Machu Picchu Relics Returned (12/02/05)
City Postpones Construction (10/18/05)
Museum first in country to offer safety check for tribal artifacts (10/06/05)
Consultation on the disposition of unclaimed Native American...(10/03/05)
ACHP "Human Remains" Notice (09/01/05)
Secretary Norton Appoints Colin Kippen to NAGPRA... (08/22/05)
Some stories count more than others (08/07/05)
Secretary Norton Takes Action to Strengthen... (07/07/05)
Tulalip Tribes vow to protect graves (07/06/05)
Indigenous Peoples Oppose...Research... Seeks Indigenous...DNA (04/13/05)
Indian remains finally at rest (03/31/05)
Washington State Bridge Project Yields Long-Forgotten Graves (12/19/04)
Graves halt bridge project (12/18/04)
Public Meaning Of Archeological Heritage (12/15/04)
Ancient village, graveyard torn apart by bridge project (11/21/04)
World Archaeological Congress Supports NAGPRA Amendment (10/20/04)
Two-word change to NAGPRA pending in Senate (10/01/04)
Panels to review artifacts case (09/19/04)
Sale of Hawaiian skull draws federal charge (09/09/04)
Group opposes museum plan (09/07/04)
Bishop Museum doesn't qualify as a claimant to artifacts (08/29/04)
Ancient Indian artifacts seized from residence (08/02/04)
National Park Service Director Selects NAGPRA Manager (07/27/04)
Officials: Leave burial sites alone (07/21/04)
Secretary Norton Appoints Three New Members to ... (06/18/04)
Culture clash (05/10/04)
Guilty Plea to Theft of Indian Items (04/28/04)
Mystery Indian skeleton stashed in open grave at cemetery (04/22/04)
Construction settlement brings relief to Lummis (04/15/04)
State helps tribe pay for reburial (04/13/04)
Tricks of the Trading Post (03/21/04)
State Decries Removal of Remains (03/21/04)
In Las Vegas, Looting Ring Unravels (03/15/04)
Dead men telling no tales — and that's the problem (02/06/04)
Science wins ancient bones battle (02/05/04)
Kennewick Man will go to scientists (02/05/04)
Kalispell's 'Indian Hill' poses preservation dilemma (02/05/04)
Scientists win Kennewick Man ruling (02/05/04)
Science Trumps Ritual in Mystery Skeleton Row (02/04/04)
Science and tribal religion clash in 'No Bone Unturned' (02/01/04)
A Spiritual Dilemma (02/01/04)
Kayenta man guilty of artifact thefts (10/08/03)
Prehistoric Puzzle (9/10/03)
Federal parks, agencies drag feet (9/02/03)
Human Skull Is Sent to Honolulu Mayor (8/8/03)
Tribal members plan to rebury remains (7/23/03)
Peace Hat comes home (7/23/03)
Ancestral Delaware Remains Finally Laid to Rest (7/03)

Indian Bones Stuck in Legal Limbo (6/26/03)
Judge Rules Work Can Start At Indian Burial Site (4/23/2003)
Native American Artifacts Pose Pesticide Exposure Risk (3/20/2003)
Archaeologists Say Ruins Exposed... (3/10/03)
Government Report Says Wood Playsets Pose a Cancer Risk (2/8/03)
Two men plead guilty to digging up ancient burial site (1/27/03)
American Indians Wary of DNA Tests (1/27/03)
He Straddles 2 Worlds to Rebury Ancestors (1/27/03)
Skulls could be from ancient American Indian grave (1/22/03)
Skull Found Behind Church Is That of Native American (1/15/03)
Law requires UNLV to give artifacts back to tribe (1/13/2003)

Is it altruism or the fear of losing their marbles? (12/28/2002)
Gene Study Identifies 5 Main Human Populations (12/20/2002)
Builder to Abide by Burial Ground Edict (12/12/2002)
Major Museums Affirm Right to Keep Long-Held Antiquities (12/11/2002)
Charges Settled in Disturbance of Indian Grave (11/20/2002)
At lake, the hunt is on for Indian artifacts (11/17/2002)
Tribe gets remains under new state law (11/13/2002)
NPS Announces 2002 NAGPRA Grant Awards (10/09/2002)
Ute tribe's action preventing turnover of shields (9/2/2002)
Indians Face Dilemma of Toxic Relics (9/1/2002)
Kennewick Man is awarded to scientists (8/31/02)
The Pan-Era Woman: 11,000-Year-old Human Remains Found ... (8/9/2002)
Indian bones found at construction site ... (8/7/2002)
Two charged in human bones reburial ... (6/27/2002)
Tribal graves at risk on private land (6/23/02)
Discovery of Teeth Strengthens Belief that Bone Are Indian (6/22/02)
"Kennewick" Man case unfinished (6/21/02)
Judge halts digging at burial site; Order bars work ... (6/12/2002)
DNA Testing May Offer Clues About Man in Ice Melt ... (6/6/2002)
SD illegally desecrates Yankton cemetery (6/5/02)
NPS Culturally Unidentifiable Human Remains ... (6/3/2002)
Archaeology report, possible movement of bones complicate dispute (3/24/2002)
Thieves loot Indian graves (3/21/2002)
California Governor Gray Davis Signs First Native American ... (10/15/2001)
Tequesta Indian bones could be 2,500 years old (8/24/2001)
Testimony In Missouri River Burial Lawsuit Stretches Into Third Day (8/13/2001)